Sizing Guide

The CJade Online Sports Medicine Boot has been designed and sized to include Front and Hind boot options. Front and Hind boots can be swapped according to need as the design in the same, but sizes are varied.

Here is a rough height guide, please note this is a guide only.
For exact measurements please see chart above.

Mini/Small Pony > 11 - 13.3hh
Pony > 14 -14.3hh

Cob > 15 - 15.3hh
Full > 16 - 16.3hh

Circumference and Length measurements are included in the chart provided. When measuring it is advised to pay more attention to the circumference of the leg than the height as the boot needs to wrap with an overlap of at least 1.3cm. Of course, the height and density of the leg should be considered as all factors are important.

To choose the correct size please refer to the above chart. If still unsure measure the circumference of your horse’ canon midway down the leg and choose the next bigger size to your measurement.