The Tail of Toohey

See what I did there?

Many of you may recognise this kelpie face from some of our posts.
This is Toohey and she was originally my Mum’s dog.
Now Toohey has quite the backstory.
It turns out Toohey was technically stolen from a rescue and onsold without permission by the foster that had her in care.
See my Mum was looking for a dog and Toohey was presented with such a story that she HAD to take her. According to the foster she was being put down the next day if she didn’t find a home. Oh but she is also well trained, great on a lead and such a good dog…. Hmmm, a bit odd.
It was not long after adopting her that my Mum sent Toohey to us for some re-education. This so-called well-trained dog was a nightmare on the lead and pulled her over a number of times. She was also overly noise reactive and if in the car would bark non-stop.
She was seen by a number of trainers and whilst she improved we realised she was not the right dog for Mum. So her training stay turned into a new forever home with us.
Now I had never had a purebred kelpie before so I did the logical thing, I joined a kelpie facebook group for advice haha.
Upon joining I shared a little background info that we had of Toohey and almost straight away I was contacted by someone who claimed she knew Toohey . Apparently she had been stolen from the rescue this person was involved with….
Now as far as we were aware the adoption was legit so I found this rather suspicious, but then they offered proof. This person’s name was on the vet records we had been supplied…. WHAT????
So it turns out the foster sold Toohey to my mum, took the money that she paid for vet and adoption fees, told the rescue they had found her a home and kept the money.
The rescue person couldn’t believe it and neither could we. Now at this stage Toohey had been with us for almost 4 months and we were rather attached. I was so worried they would want her back. This worry was for naught as they were just happy that she was safe and in a loving home.
Toohey now has a large fur family and a little human brother that she is training as a fetch partner.

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