The set that started it all

Six years back I finally found a horsey partner who wanted to compete.
I had decided our competition colour would be turquoise as it was my favourite, even my hair back then was turquoise (before bright hair colour was a major fad). But here was the kicker, back then there were no such matchy sets in Australia, at least not that I could find.
I had pieces custom made and purchased one off items from UK and Australian suppliers alike. Alas pieces would arrive and the shades were off and so my search continued (I was slightly OCD in getting the exact shade). It took an entire year to complete the set you see here.
 Once we were out showing off our ‘Matchy Love’ I found lots of others asking about the set and sharing similar stories. I realised from this that Australia was somewhat in a matchy gap, getting only a trickle of what is available overseas. This then launched the original concept of CJade Online Pet & Equine.
And now thanks to you guys four years later we have 10 finished set options with many more on the way. I am also in chats with other small Australian businesses to bring rider wear into the range to really complete the matchy look.

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