How Knightly became my partner

How Knightly became my partner

The horse that kicked things off

How Knightly started the journey

Knightly came into my life through my riding coach friend who had picked him up off the track as a 3yo. He was a scrawny little thing, barely 15.2hh when he arrived at her yards and was FULL OF FEED. It took two weeks for him to come down from the grain high. He was never meant to be a racehorse as he isn't keen on the fast thing.... We learned over time that his passion lies in jumping but that's for later.

Knightly on arrival, known as All Get Clanged.

On with the story!

So when Knightly arrived I wasn't looking for another horse as I thought my boy at the time was it. I even helped my coach with Knightly's sale photos which you can see above (my hand is holding the grass). We soon found that was not to be the case after many hot and cold riding sessions which developed a rearing habit on my horse's part.
By this stage Knightly had been at the yard for 6 months with no prospective buyer in sight. A few came and looked at him but many turned him down with things like 'oh he won't get any bigger' and 'I am looking for a young horse with more experience...' . The usual stuff....
It was only on my birthday when things really blew up and my horse put me in hospital after a rearing accident. Thankfully no lasting damage except for a hoof imprint in my bicep which remains to this day.

It was at this stage that I realised he wasn't meant to be a riding horse and we looked at turning him out for retirement. To be honest I had quietly been stalking Knightly during his stay and used any excuse to say hi. So after a chat with my coach we set up a trial for the day my horse was to leave the paddock.
He was wonderful and we set up the sale that very day.

Two weeks later we went out to our very first competition and have done so much in the 6 years since. He has gone on to be a wonderful learning horse for my family and loves our son Leon. He is my unicorn and the horse that started CJade Online, but that story is for another day ;) And to those he said he would not grow any more, Knightly now stands at almost 17hh haha.

Knightly in blue
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