Sports Boots - Seasonal Colours.
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Neoprene Sports Boots - Yellow

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New to the CJade Online range are our Seasonal Coloured Sport Boot options!

These are limited colours and will be available on a seasonal basis, with new colours being introduced throughout the year.

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Sold in front pairs or set of four option which include front and back boots.


  • Sling boot style
  • Soft neoprene for comfort and flexibility
  • Durable outer layer for wear and tear

Here is a rough height guide, please note this is a guide only.
For exact measurements please see below link for our sizing chart.

Small Pony > 11-13.3hh
Pony > 14-14.3hh

Cob > 15 - 15.3hh
Full > 16 - 16.3hh

     Click here to check out our sizing chart