Burn Out is REAL

Burn Out is REAL

As a few of you may have seen, I have decided to step back from CJade Online Pet & Equine for January.

Not going to lie, I was very tempted to just close up shop and walk away. And some may think this is what I have done, and I haven't really corrected that.

Why you may ask?

Is the business not doing well? Don't I love my brand? Do I not believe in my products?

The answer is not any of these.

My business has grown so much over the 7 years since I started and it has so much room to grow. I am so proud of my products and believe in them whole-heartedly.

So why then??

To be short, I am tired. Mentally, emotionally, physically just exhausted!

I run CJade Online Pet & Equine as a one-person business. 
That's right, I built and constantly edit the website, manage and test all of the products, create certain products myself, pack and post orders, manage all of the social media and email newsletters.

I have done this through a few hospital stints, losing a parent, moving interstate and building a life for my young family.

It has just gotten to the point where I need break.
I am taking some time to refresh my body, my mind and also my thought process, plus my business plan.

Even with the short break so far I am feeling a bit better and am working towards cutting down my stress factors in life.

So with that in mind, be kind to yourselves!

Take the time to do the things that help you unwind, because it makes a difference.


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